Norwegian Beer on the Côte d’Azur


It took a move to a wine region – Provence – to realise how much we also enjoyed beer. We have tried a variety of French and Belgium beers available down here, which range from the light bitter and gassy lager types to richer dark beers more usually sold at Christmas. Occasionally we are able to bring back  the odd bottle of beer from England.

A recent contact has been with a young Norwegian, Lars Hansen of Scandiapero, who is bringing a premium Norwegian beer, Nøgne Ø, to the Cote d’Azur.

We met up for lunch in Nice at Vini Mundo, 32 bd de la Republique – a little wine bar under new ownership for the past 6 months. David chatted to them and convinced them to try selling the Norwegian beer – so they agreed to give them a go! We tried the pale ale. Light gold in colour with an intensely perfumed, scented and aromatic nose and palate and a dry, clean bitter flavour.

with Lars Hansen

with Lars Hansen

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